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On This Day

Friday, 21 September 2007 (15/2007)

Commemorative Issue: Halldis Moren Vesaas Centenary

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Halldis Moren Vesaas (1907-95) is regarded as one of Norway's most prominent female lyric poets. A stamp has been issued to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of her birth. Her husband, the poet Tarjei Vesaas, was honoured in the same way in 1997. A husband and wife on separate stamps is not an everyday occurrence!

She was born and grew up in Trysil in Hedmark. Her father was a farmer, and her early home in a farming community gave her a positive approach to life that she never lost. Literature also had an important place in her life. At the age of nine, she was already writing stories for a children's magazine. She married Tarjei Vesaas in 1934 and they made their home at Midtbo Farm in Vinje (Telemark). Marriage provided inspiration for her poetry. She and -Tarjei felt a strong and close attachment for each other, but there were also times when they preferred to be apart.


copyright notice: The source of the text and the images is Norway Post.

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News / Announcements:

02 November 2013:  This November marks's 7th year!
30 June 2013:  New feature! ebay listings for select issues and stamps! See the true market price! Here is an example!
26 May 2013: is proud to announce that its Cyprus catalog is now complete with all stamps since 1880 and their images (minus a couple)! We will now aim to add images of all Official Cyprus First Day Covers (FDCs) and cancellations, while investigating the best way to add stamp variations and noteable errors.

Upcoming Issues:

Friday, 10 October 2014 (6/2014)

Definitive Issue: Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus - Part A

Stylianos HourmouziosTheodoulos KallinikosAchilleas LymbouridesSozos TombolisLoukia NicolaidouTelemachos Kanthos
Michael KashalosGeorge Pol GeorgiouAntis PernarisKypros ChrysanthisCostas MontisGlafkos Alithersis

Cyprus Post is honouring scholars, scientists and artists who were born before 1920 and who brought honour to Cyprus, their homeland, through their work and deeds in the last century.
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Latest Stamp Issues:

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Country Issue Date Code Issue Type Issue Title Values
Australia 08 Jul 2014 15 Miniature Sheet Royal Visit 2014 2 values 70c, 2.60$
08 Jul 2014 15 Miniature Sheet Royal Visit 2014 - Minisheet 1 value 3.30$
01 Jul 2014 14 Commemorative Issue 100th Anniversary of First Air Mail 2 values 70c, 2.60$
01 Jul 2014 14 Miniature Sheet 100th Anniversary of First Air Mail - Minisheet 1 value 3.30$
17 Jun 2014 13 Commemorative Issue 100th Anniversary King George V Stamps 4 values 70c, 70c, 70c, 70c
17 Jun 2014 13 Miniature Sheet 100th Anniversary King George V Stamps - Minisheet 1 value 2.80$
03 Jun 2014 12 Commemorative Issue G20 Leaders Summit 1 value 70c
13 May 2014 11 Commemorative Issue Bush Ballads 4 values 70c, 70c, 70c, 70c
13 May 2014 11 Miniature Sheet Bush Ballads - Minisheet 1 value 2.80$
06 May 2014 10 Commemorative Issue 100th Anniversary of the Red Cross 1 value 70c
Christmas Island 17 Jun 2014 2 Commemorative Issue Christmas Island National Park 4 values 70c, 70c, 1.40$, 2.10$
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 24 Jun 2014 1 Commemorative Issue Maps of Cocos 4 values 70c, 70c, 1.40$, 2.10$
Cyprus 01 Aug 2014 2b Commemorative Issue Overprint of 3 stamps from the stamp issue "The Four Seasons of the Year" 3 values 0,04€, 1,00€, 1,88€
09 Jul 2014 5 Joint Issue Euromed Postal Joint Stamp Issue "The Mediterranean 2014" 1 value 0,60€
30 Jun 2014 4 Commemorative Issue Intellectual Pioneers 4 values 0,41€, 0,50€, 0,64€, 0,75€
02 May 2014 3 Commemorative Issue Europe 2014 - National Music Instruments 2 values 0,34€, 0,51€
Greece 10 Sep 2014 10 Miniature Sheet The 400th Anniversary of Domenikos Theotokopoulos’ Death 1 value 2,50€
08 Aug 2014 9 Commemorative Issue Tourist Stamps 3 values A` ΒΑΡΟΣΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΥ, A` ΒΑΡΟΣΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΥ, A` ΒΑΡΟΣΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΥ
09 Jul 2014 8 Commemorative Issue EUROMED 2014 (The Mediterranean) 1 value 3,00€
12 Jun 2014 7 Commemorative Issue 2014 FIFA World Cup 2 values 0,90€, 1,30€
12 Jun 2014 7 Miniature Sheet 2014 FIFA World Cup - Miniature Sheet 2 values 0,90€, 1,30€
12 Jun 2014 6 Commemorative Issue Bicycle 4 values 0,72€, 0,72€, 0,85€, 2,00€
19 May 2014 5 Europa Europa 2014 - Musical Instruments 2 values 0,90€, 3,40€
Norway 12 Sep 2014 11 Definitive Issue Posthorn 1 value 70.00Kr
01 Aug 2014 10 Commemorative Issue Norwegian Chess Federation Centenary 1 value 15.00Kr
13 Jun 2014 9 Commemorative Issue 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Alf Prøysen 2 values A INNLAND, A INNLAND
16 May 2014 8 Commemorative Issue The Norwegian Constitution Bicentennial 4 values 13Kr, 16Kr, 19Kr, 30Kr
16 May 2014 7 Personal Stamp Issue Personalised Stamp 1 value A VERDEN
28 Apr 2014 6 Commemorative Issue 100th anniversary of the birth of Thor Heyerdahl 4 values A INNLAND, A INNLAND, A INNLAND, A INNLAND
28 Apr 2014 5 Commemorative Issue Tourist stamps 3 values A INNLAND, A EUROPA, A VERDA

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Olympic Games


Boy Scouts

John F. Kennedy



Mahatma Gandhi



Archbishop Makarios

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