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04 May 1981

Europa 1981 - Folk dances

The CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Authorities) decides on the common design appearing every year on the Europa stamps of its member countries. Since 1974 these designs are independent for each country but they are all inspired by a common subject. The common subject for 1981 is "Folklore". The Cyprus Postal Services have selected from the inexhaustible richness of our folk civilization and are presenting two Cypriot folk-dances through the typical paintings of the remarkable Cypriot artist Mr. Themistocles Th. Photiades.

Source: Department of Postal Services, Republic of Cyprus.


'The dance of the glass' or 'Arapies'


It is a dance which like many others was imported from other parts of the Hellenic World in the past. It was gradually developed and finally en-registered as a Cypriot folk-dance. It belongs to the individual dances and it is a dance of dexterity. It is performed with a glass full of water, covered with a silk handkerchief and placed inversely on the dancer's head. Sometimes the dance is accompanied by a song: "I'll whiten this old wall and send away my old love...".


'Third women's dance'


The third of a series of four "face-to-face" female dances. It is performed during weddings by two girls who proudly exhibit their embroidered handkerchiefs, diagonally folded, which are part of their dowry. They have already performed the first and the second female dances demonstrating the sewing and embroidering process. This dance is typical for its modesty and simplicity of movements. Sometimes it is accompanied by the following song "Girls, join our dance now that you have time, tomorrow you are getting married and you'll have to look after your households...".

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Official FDC Europa 1981 - Folk dances

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Quantity: 1000000
Designer: A. Tassos
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