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04 September 1989
Commemorative Issue

Anniversaries and Events 1989 - Part A

The Anniversaries and Events commemorated in the first issue of 1989 are
  • The Centenary of the Interparliamentary Union (15c)
  • The 9th Non-Aligned Summit Conference (30c)

Centenary of the Interparliamentary Union  

Centenary of the Interparliamentary Union


The year 1989 is the centenary of the establishment of the Inter-parliamentary union which is the oldest international parliamentary organization. The number of its member-parliaments, called National groups, was 112 in August 1989. The house of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus has been participating in the Inter-parliamentary Union since 1978.

The main aims of the Inter-parliamentary Union, s they are stated in its statute, are: To unite the Representatives of all national parliaments in a common struggle, to strengthen and develop the democratic institutions and promote international peace and cooperation especially supporting the objectives of the United Nations.

To push its aims the Inter-parliamentary Union examines political, economic, social, cultural and other problems of international interest and adopts relevant resolutions. The member-Representatives' task is to brief their parliaments and governments on these resolutions and work for their implementation.

The Union's conferences take place twice a year in member-countries. Cyprus is going to host, for the first time the Inter-parliamentary conference in April 1990. Apart from its regular conferences, the Union organizes conferences on special subjects like disarmament, economic development, environment, etc. Particularly important are the conferences for European Cooperation and Security which takes place every three years with the participation of Representatives from countries which have signed the Helsinki Final Act.

Simultaneously with the regular conferences of the Union, conferences of the director's general of member-parliaments take place. The Inter-parliament Union has a permanent Secretariat with headquarters in Geneva.

Ninth Non-Aligned Summit Conference  

Ninth Non-Aligned Summit Conference


The Non-Aligned movement came into being at a time when the division of the world into blocks was more acute than it is today. It was an expression of the wish of the newly liberated countries to complete the decolonisation process and preserve their national and political identity, independent and away from the two politico-military alliances.

At the Bandung Conference (1955) which laid down the foundations of the Movement the Cold War was at its zenith. The establishment of the Non-Aligned movement, with its pioneers like the late Nehru, Nasser, Tito, Makarios and its course ever since has proved not only that it is possible for a country, despite the vicissitudes, to preserve its political independence but also contributed positively to international detente and rapprochement of the two Blocks.

This year's summit Conference in Belgrade, where the First Summit Conference of the Non-Aligned also took place in 1961, is expected to be a milestone in the course and history of the Movement, especially after the resolutions of the Ministerial Conference of Nicosia in 1988 for the study of methodological and organizational changes and the modernization of the Movement's activities.

With the improvement of the climate in international relations in recent years, the challenges and the problems in the modern inter-dependent world, have begun to occupy more and more seriously the Movement, especially the substantial contribution to strengthen detente, economic development, protection of the environment, Third World depts., etc.

Official First Day Covers

Official FDC Anniversaries and Events 1989 - Part AOfficial FDC Anniversaries and Events 1989 - Part A

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