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16 April 2010
Personal Stamp Issue

Personalised stamps

Success rolls on for Personalised Stamps.Since their introduction in Norway in 2006, 1.5 million of these innovative stamps have been delivered.

Personalised Stamps The issue on 16 April is the sixth so far and Norway Post has announced that there will be more! Personalised stamps are a success all over the world. Initially (late 1990s) they were not proper stamps, just perforated labels to affix beside the stamp. As time went by, a number of postal administrations decided to go all out and upgraded the label to a stamp with a value and a country name.

The photographs that are submitted for stamps bear witness to creativity and photographic skill. Children



Technical Information

Number: NK 1748
Subject: Heather
Design: Enzo Finger
Value: NOK 11.00 (A-Priority Europe)
Issue: Sheets of 20 stamps
Printing: Standard subject and frame: 5-colour offset by Cartor, France.
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