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10 November 2010
Joint Issue

Joint Issue Cyprus-Romania: Viticulture

The Cypriot and Romanian Postal Services issue a common commemorative series of postage stamps with a common theme "Viticulture".

The vine has been known since far ancient times. According to ancient Greek mythology, Ambelos was god Dionysus' beloved friend. When Ambelos died, Dionysus asked Zeus to transform him into a beautiful vineyard with sweet fruit, the grapes.

Viticulture has flourished in the Mediterranean basin since the dawn of historical times, because in Mediterranean countries, the climate and the soil both provide ideal conditions for vineyards to thrive. In Cyprus, the earliest evidence of the existence of wild grapes came to light during the archeological excavations at the Neolothic site of Vrisi - Ayios Epiktitos, which dates back to 4500-3900 B.C. According to other archeological finds, the cultivation of grapevines started during the early 2nd millennium B.C. and viticulture as well as wine making have been the main activities of the Cypriots since immemorial times. the importance of viticulture does not merely lie in the production of the raw material which is necessary for wine making. Viticulture allows the development of mainly barren, rocky, sloping lands in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, thus contributing to the conservation of the landscape, preventing soil erosion, guaranteeing at the same time human presence in disadvantages rural areas. In Cyprus, each area cultivates specific types of grapes (mavro, xynisteri, malaga, maratheftiko, etc.) from which local wines are produced. There are also wines produced from particular grape mixtures or wines made from new imported varieties of grapes.

Text: Paschalis Eliopoulos, Nicosia
Source: Stamps and Philatelic Services, Cyprus Post



Cancellation Stamps

Official First Day Covers

Official FDC Joint Issue Cyprus-Romania: Viticulture

Technical Information

Design-Artwork: Melanie Efstathiadou, Nicosia
Printing: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper
Printer: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A., Greece
Period of sale: 1 year or until sold-out
Size of Miniature Sheet: 60mm x 80mm with 2 stamps 30mm x 40mm three sides perforated
€1,02: 40.000
€1,36: 8.500 - Last Updated (UTC Time) - 2018-03-23 15:38:48
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