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21 March 2002
Commemorative Issue

Cats of Cyprus

Cats are carnivorous mammals and belong to the family of felines. They are animals which have been tamed since ancient times, and their main characteristics are the round head, short nose, strong jaws with sharp teeth and hooked claws. They are agile, with a smooth type of waling and they run with long jumps. They have a long tail which they use for steering. They can see very well during night time, using their whiskers as a sensor. They give birth to 2-5 kittens, which are blind for 9 days and they have a very developed mother instinct, to the point of self-sacrifice. Cats show particular preference to hunting mice and small birds. According to tradition Saint Helen during the 4th century AC brought with her to Cyprus a large number of cats with the purpose of ridding the island of various noxious rodents and reptiles. In ancient Egypt, the cat was considered as a holy animal and killing cats was punished with the death penalty. There are various breeds of cats with different colours and coats and of different temperament. The main breeds found in Cyprus are the Persian Cat, the Siamese Cat, the Burma Cat, and others.

Text: Department of Veterinary Services, Republic of Cyprus.
Source: Department of Postal Services, Republic of Cyprus.





Official First Day Covers

Official FDC Cats of Cyprus

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Designer: Andreas Koutas, Nicosia
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