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phi-lat-e-ly: Philately is not just the hobby of collecting postage stamps; it is also the hobby of studying them. This site aims to share and encourage knowledge by promoting philately.
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A resource for passionate and not-so passionate stamp collectors who wish to learn about stamps of the world and, in the future as the site progresses and comes to age, connect with other fellow collectors!

Through this site you can browse the list of stamp issues, search for stamp issues or stamps and read valuable information about it.
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On This Day

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 (3/2011)

Commemorative Issue: Aromatic flowers - Roses

Rosa damascena

The rose is the well-known fragrant flower of a small shrub with serrated leaves that is cultivated almost all over the world.

The rose bush and its bloom, the rose, were known from ancient times and have been cultivated as a decorative plant or to extract rose oil for the preparation of fragrances.

In Christian times the rose was used as a symbol of Virgin Mary and in general as a symbol of purity. In medieval times the rose was used as an emblem of various leading houses and as a decorative element on buildings. Rosewater is produced from the bloom of a specific type of rose bush with many petals, very fragrant, red or pink. The rose, because of its large variety of colours and scents, is one of the best-loved flowers and is used by man in all corners of the Earth to mark various events in their lives.

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20 February 2018:  Hi all. It's been some time since I last updated the site. But thanks to a friend of, it seems that updates will be coming, primarily the missing Cyprus issues. So thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy the new additions.

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