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Monday, 17 March 1980 (1/1980)
Commemorative Issue: Centenary of First Stamps of Cyprus

Half-Penny cancelled in NicosiaTwo and a Half Penny cancelled in KeryniaOne Shilling cancelled in Larnaca

Monday, 17 March 1980 (1/1980)

Miniature Sheet: Centenary of First Stamps of Cyprus - Miniature Sheet

First issue of Cyprus stamps

Monday, 28 April 1980 (2/1980)

Europa: Europa 1980 - Personalities of Notable Cypriots

St. BarnabasZenon of Citium

Monday, 23 June 1980 (3/1980)

Commemorative Issue: Olympic Games 1980 - Moscow


Monday, 15 September 1980 (4/1980)

Definitive Issue: Definitive 1980 - Archaelogical Treasures of Cyprus

Wednesday, 01 October 1980 (5/1980)

Commemorative Issue: 20th Anniversary of Cyprus Independence

The Flag of CyprusThe sign of the Treaty for the Establishment of the Republic of CyprusArchbishop Makarios III, first President of the Republic of Cyprus (1960-1977)

Saturday, 29 November 1980 (6/1980)

Commemorative Issue: Solitarity with the palestinian people

Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Saturday, 29 November 1980 (7/1980)

Commemorative Issue: Christmas 1980 - Pulpits & Bemothyrae

The pulpit of the church of Archangel Michael TrypiotisThe Royal Door of the Church of the VirginThe pulpit of the Church of St. Lazarus

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