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Monday, 18 March 1985 (1/1985)
Definitive Issue: Definitive 1985 - Images of Cyprus

Autumn at Platania, Troodos MountainAyia Napa MonasteryPhini Village - Panoramic ViewKykko MonasteryBeach at Makronissos, Ayia NapaPicturesque Village Street, OmodhosPanoramic Seaview
Wind SurfingBeach at ProtarasForestry for DevelopmentSunrise at ProtarasVillage House - Folk ArchitectureApollo Hylates Sanctuary - Palaestra, CuriumSnow on Troodos MountainPersonification of Autumn - House of Dionyssos, Paphos

Monday, 06 May 1985 (2/1985)

Europa: Europa 1985 - Composers and Mucisians

Monday, 23 September 1985 (3/1985)

Commemorative Issue: Anniversaries and Events 1985

25th Anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus30 Years from the Commencement of the National Liberation StruggleInternational Youth YearEuropean Music Year40th Anniversary of the United Nations Organisation

Monday, 18 November 1985 (4/1985)

Commemorative Issue: Christmas 1985

The visit of the Madonna to ElizabethThe NativityThe Candlemas

Monday, 17 February 1986 (1/1986)

Commemorative Issue: New Archaeological Museum

Monday, 17 February 1986 (1/1986)

Miniature Sheet: New Archaeological Museum - Miniature Sheet

Monday, 28 April 1986 (2/1986)

Europa: Europa 1986 - Conservation of Nature and Environment

Tuesday, 01 July 1986 (3/1986)

Commemorative Issue: Sea Shells of Cyprus

Chlamys pesfelisCharonia variegataMurex brandarisCypraea spurca

Monday, 13 October 1986 (4/1986)

Commemorative Issue: Anniversaries and Events 1986

Year of Overseas CypriotsReturn of Halley

Monday, 13 October 1986 (5/1986)

Commemorative Issue: Overprints on 1985 Definitive - 6c to 7c and 13c to 18c

Picturesque Village Street, OmodhosWind Surfing

Monday, 10 November 1986 (6/1986)

Commemorative Issue: Road Safety Campaign

Pedestrian crossingUse of helmetsUse of safety belts

Monday, 24 November 1986 (6/1986)

Commemorative Issue: Christmas 1986 - International Year of Peace

Detail from the Nativity. Fresco in the church of Panayia tou ArakaDetail from the Nativity. Fresco in the church of Panayia tou MoutoullaDetail from the Birth of Christ. Fresco in the church of Ayios Nicolaos tis Stegis

Wednesday, 22 April 1987 (1/1987)

Commemorative Issue: Cyprus Churches in U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage List

Throodos Churhes in World Heritage List

Monday, 11 May 1987 (2/1987)

Europa: Europa 1987 - Modern Architecture

Central Bank of Cyprus buildingCyprus Telecommunications Authority building

Saturday, 03 October 1987 (3/1987)

Commemorative Issue: Kyrenia II

Ancient Ship Imprisoned in Occupied Kyrenia Castle1982-1985 Kyrenia II Built at Perama Shipyard2 October 1986 Kyrenia II Sails Into Paphos4 July 1986 Kyrenia II Sails into New York

Monday, 02 November 1987 (4/1987)

Commemorative Issue: Anniversaries and Events 1987

10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Blood Donation Coordinating CommitteeEuropean Campaign for the CountrysideInternational Symposium

Monday, 30 November 1987 (5/1987)

Commemorative Issue: Christmas 1987

Christmas EveNew YearEpiphany Day

Monday, 11 January 1988 (1/1988)

Commemorative Issue: Customs Union Cyprus - EEC

Flags of E.E.C. and CyprusMaps of E.E.C. and Cyprus

Monday, 09 May 1988 (2/1988)

Europa: Europa 1988 - Transportation and Telecommunications


Monday, 27 June 1988 (3/1988)

Commemorative Issue: Olympic games 1988 - Seoul


Monday, 05 September 1988 (4/1988)

Commemorative Issue: Non Aligned Countries Foreign Ministers Conference

The emblem of the ConferenceThe emblem of the Republic of CyprusThe figures of Nehru, Nasser, Tito, and Makarios

Monday, 12 September 1988 (0/1988)

Commemorative Issue: Refugee Fund 1988

Fifth Refugee Stamp

Monday, 03 October 1988 (6/1988)

Commemorative Issue: Overprints on 1985 Definitive - 4c to 15c

Kykko Monastery

Monday, 28 November 1988 (7/1988)

Commemorative Issue: Christmas 1988

Presentation of Christ at the TempleThe Virgin and ChildThe Adoration of the Magi

Saturday, 10 December 1988 (8/1988)

Commemorative Issue: 40th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights

40 Years Human Rights

Monday, 10 April 1989 (1/1989)

Commemorative Issue: 3rd Games of Small States of Europe


Monday, 10 April 1989 (1/1989)

Miniature Sheet: 3rd Games of Small States of Europe - Miniature Sheet

Winged Victory

Monday, 08 May 1989 (2/1989)

Europa: Europa 1989 - Traditional Children's Games

Lingri and ZizirosSitsia and Xeros Potamos

Friday, 07 July 1989 (3/1989)

Commemorative Issue: Bicentenary of the French Revolution

Bicentenaire de la Revolution Francaise

Monday, 04 September 1989 (0/1989)

Commemorative Issue: Refugee Fund 1989

Sixth Refugee Stamp

Monday, 04 September 1989 (4/1989)

Commemorative Issue: Anniversaries and Events 1989 - Part A

Centenary of the Interparliamentary UnionNinth Non-Aligned Summit Conference

Monday, 16 October 1989 (5/1989)

Commemorative Issue: Bee-keping in Cyprus

Female bee-workers looking after the newly born little lavraeFemale bee-worker in her effort to collect pollen from a rock-rose flowerFemale worker bee in her effort to collect nectar from the lemon flowerQueen surrounded by the bee-maids

Monday, 13 November 1989 (6/1989)

Commemorative Issue: Anniversaries and Events 1989 - Part B

Earthquake that shook ArmeniaThe Cyprus Philatelic Society joins the International Philatelic FederationEuropean Cancer Year 1989World Food Day

Thursday, 28 December 1989 (7/1989)

Definitive Issue: Definitive 1989 - Paphos Mosaics

WinterPersonification of the island of CreteCentaur and MaenadPoseidon and AnymoreLedaApolloHermes presenting baby DionysosCassiopeiaDivine poet and musician singing and playing the lyre
NymphsArmed AmazonDorisHercules and the LionApollo and DaphneCupid

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