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12 April 1982
Commemorative Issue


It was a common belief among the ancients that Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, was of Cypriot origin and according to Hesiod's "Theogony" she has emerged from the waves near the coast of Paphos. Many ancient writers, among them Homer, Euripides, Plato and Aristophanes refer to Aphrodite's Cypriot origin and the very close relationship between the goddess and Cyprus. They call her "Cypris Aphrodite", "Divine Cypris", and "Cypriot daughter of Dione". She herself confesses "they call me Cypris, a great and famous goddess!". She was worshipped all over Cyprus, possibly more than any other god and this is evident in the archaeological discoveries and the historical sources as well as in the traditions and the place names preserved to the present day. Aphrodite was worshipped not only in Paphos where she has her biggest sanctuary - the most important one in the ancient world - but also in Karpas, Golgoi, Soloi, Amathus, Idalion, Salamis and elsewhere. Thus she was rightly considered by the ancients to be

Source: Department of Postal Services, Republic of Cyprus.


'Bathing Aphrodite'


Statue of "Bathing Aphrodite" found at Soloi, 250 B.C. (Cyprus Museum)


'Aphrodite emerging from the waves'


Painting by Titan, 16th century (National Gallery of Scotland)

Official First Day Covers

Official FDC Aphrodite

Technical Information

Designer: A. Tassos
Size: 40 x 27 mm
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