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26 February 2015
Commemorative Issue

Thermal Springs of Greece

The healing properties of thermal springs in Ancient Greece were associated with mythical deities, while the art of medicine was practised at asclepieia, where people with psychosomatic disorders were cured by priests.

The pioneering work of Hippocrates, the father of rational medicine, played a crucial role in the development of hydrotherapy, as did Herodotus and the physician Galen, who recorded may cases in which thermal springs offered health benefit.

There are 752 thermal and mineral springs all over Greece, which are the result of tectonic events or volcanic activity. They differ from ordinary springs due to their high temperature and the presence of rare active ingredients in the water.

One of Greece's main advantages is its favourable bioclimate, with strong sunlight providing an additional means of treatment, as climatic and geological conditions of the environment combine with the valuable active elements of hot springs to produce benefits for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Text: Konstantinos Kouskoukis, MD, JD, PhD
Source: Hellenic Post



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