How much is a forever stamp worth

Forever stamps are a type of postage stamp issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Forever stamps can be used to mail a 1 oz letter within the U.S. regardless of when the stamp is purchased or used. During the last few years, the price of Forever stamps is increased once or twice a year to reflect inflation.

How much does a forever stamp cost?

The current value of a Forever stamp is $0.63. The price was last changed on January 22, 2023, which is less than six months from the previous price increase.
(Prices were examined and confirmed by a administrator on January 18, 2023, to ensure their correctness.)

Forever Stamps Historical Value

Year Price Description
January 22, 2023 63 cents Last price increase.
July 10, 2022 60 cents
August 29, 2021 58 cents
January 30, 2019 55 cents Biggest price increase ever.
January 22, 2017 49 cents
April 10, 2016 47 cents
January 26, 2014 46 cents
January 27, 2013 45 cents
January 22, 2012 44 cents
May 11, 2009 42 cents First price increase.
May 12, 2008 41 cents First release.


The price of Forever stamps is determined by the USPS. In theory, it is adjusted to take into account changes in the cost of labor, fuel, and other expenses related to delivering mail. Although, the USPS is required by law to ensure that it can cover its costs with current prices, however, we do know that the U.S. government subsidizes its services to ensure the USPS can continue to provide reliable mail services to the public.

What are the benefits of Forever stamps?

Forever stamps are an easy and convenient way to hedge against inflation. First introduced in May 12, 2008, Forever stamps have been a great success for the USPS and ordinary Americans. Do stamps expire? Forever stamps can be used to send 1 oz, first-class mail, regardless of price fluctuations today or after 20 years to any U.S. address. It does not matter. Hence, the term “Forever stamps”.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the utilization of forever stamps extends beyond domestic correspondence (Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, etc.). While they may be utilized to send letters internationally, it should be noted that additional postage will be required to meet the necessary denomination for foreign postage. Additionally, it is important to consider the destination country as the value of a forever stamp is equivalent to the cost of a first-class stamp on the date of usage. For those who frequently correspond with individuals abroad or anticipate a need for international postage, the Global ForeverĀ® stamp may prove to be a more suitable option. As of January 2023, the price of Global Forever stamp is $ 1.40.

Another option is to buy them en mass and use them as an investment. For those of us who bought some or a lot of Forever stamps in 2008 when they were worth $ 0.41 and sold them 15 years later, it would be more than 50% profit, excluding taxes. No worries, you don’t have to pay taxes if you resell Forever stamps on a low scale. However, if you plan to sell them in mass, it would be wise to establish a company to deal with tax issues.

The most convenient way for regular users would be to buy a book or even a roll of Forever stamps now and use them whenever, no matter what the cost is in the future. You can send letters, postcards, and packages within the U.S. with them. Plus, they come in all sorts of cool designs like holiday stamps, commemorative stamps, and Forever stamps with American landmarks or animals on them.
If you use USPS services more often Forever stamps will provide an easy way to save some bucks or even earn money in the long term. There is no way the USPS is going to lower the prices in the future, thus it is safe to assume that the price of postage and Forever stamps will increase in the future.

How to buy forever stamps cheaper?

When searching online you could find Forevers stamps that are sold cheaper than their current price. Why? Two reasons. First, there are legit sellers that have bought way too many Forever stamps when they cost 41 – 55 cents and just want to get rid of them. Most of the sellers are private individuals, regular Joes, however, caution is needed. There might be unscrupulous individuals who attempt to peddle illicitly printed reproductions in order to acquire quick profit. Why do they risk on scamming regular citizens? Not sure, but there are plenty of ads all over the internet and social networks like Facebook that advertise cheaper Forever stamps.

To ensure a safe online shopping experience, we recommend using well-established platforms such as eBay and Amazon and to conduct thorough research. Sellers’ ratings and reviews can provide insight into their business practices. If there are no reviews available, it is best to look for another seller. An alternative option is to use intermediary companies that offer discounted Forever stamps through their own stores. If the store appears legitimate and shipping costs are reasonable, it may be worth considering making a purchase.

The safest option is to use your local post office. When was the last time you visited the USPS in person? Give it a try and buy a book or a roll of beautiful Forever stamps today or at least tomorrow. Use them for everyday postage or store them in a book for a decade or more. Imagine the surprise of you or any family member will discover the Forever stamps.